Last week I spotlighted painter Andrea Shapiro’s stunning shipping container studio in the Hamptons. If you caught the post, you probably watched the beautifully shot and produced short film from Babelgum profiling Shapiro and the “shipping container of her own.”
Well, what do you know, yesterday Babelgum announced the launch of a Kohler-sponsored custom web series called Inspired By Design that includes the aforementioned video — officially dubbed “Surf, Live, Paint” — and two other videos profiling innovative green architectural/design projects. The new series is part of Babelgum’s fabulous Metropolis channel.
Reads the offical release:
Each episode visits a different environment, ranging from beachfront to urban to lakeside, and features a property which speaks strongly to the individual who built it and incorporates themes of their personal style, expression, identity, innovation and eco-consciousness. 
I’ve embedded the two other videos, “New Gen, Next Gen” and “A House for Blake” in addition to “Surf, Live, Paint” in case you missed it last week. I've also included brief summaries of each episode. Check all three of ‘em out, it’s truly well-done, inspirational stuff that transcends humdrum “green house tour” type of videos. 
Surf, Live, PaintAfter 20 years of living in New York City, painter and DJ Andrea Shapiro decided that she needed a change of pace. Drawn to the beauty of the Hamptons, Andrea found herself inspired by the ocean and influenced by the light and color of the landscape. A collaboration with her architect lead to the design of both a living and studio space that embraces the natural environment while at the same time nurturing Andrea's creative expression. The end result is a free spirited lifestyle that is truly Inspired by Design.

New Gen, Next GenThe 100K house is a modern case study in housing design that aims to prove that building green can be more affordable than traditional construction. Built mainly on vacant city sites and costing a mere 100 dollars per square foot, it is the highest level of sustainable home currently being built in the United States. Designed for an emerging creative class that have an eye for design but also a desire for sustainability, the 100K house creates a social and functional home that poses an important question — how much space does an individual really need?  
A House for Blake: Building a house for her son Blake started off as an antidote to city life when mom and music industry executive Debbie Gibbs embraced the idea of a pre-fab home. The stigma of these houses has drastically changed over the last 10 years. It is now about mass customization where each house responds to each individual. Debbie was able to customize a home that enabled her family to have their indoor and outdoor lifestyle flow together seamlessly with high design and a low environmental impact. Having spent a winter in their new home Debbie has come to realize that she is getting as much pleasure out of it as her son.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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