Think that a discarded washing machine drum is straight-out trash? Think again …
Reestore, British eco-designer Max McMurdo’s collection of home furnishings made from the most unlikely of recycled objects (Reestore's also behind fabulous recycling receptacle, Ben the Bin), has been around for a few years. However, Silvana is my first exposure to the line (thanks, Design Milk!) and I think she’s a real beauty.
Silvana is a giant lamp/end table crafted from, you guessed it, an old washing machine drum. Gentle illumination shoots out from all sides of Silvana’s shapely, polished stainless steel body and she’s finished with a frosted glass top that serves as “mug resting heaven.” Silvana is Reestore's most sought after gal. 
Here’s a bit about Reestore, in Reestore’s own words:
As always our products are created with as many eco design principles as possible, reclaimed trolleys, reject barrows, space saving hanging chairs, stools with recycling capabilities. Obviously our eco antics go beyond the cheeky re-use, all our waste is recycled, suppliers vetted and we only boil enough water for one cuppa at a time. note: we sometimes don't wear hemp.
Other ravishing recycled beauties in the Reestore stable include Annie (a chair made from an old shopping cart), Deborah (a desk made from a salvaged airplane wing), Heather (a lamp made from discarded waste pipes found at building sites), and Laura (a lamp made from an old road cone and a strainer). For the ladies, there's also a handful of handsome fellows in the Reestore line-up like Max (a chaise made from a vintage bathtub) and John (a bar stool repurposed from an old Castrol oil drum). 
Although a $500 washing machine drum/floorlamp/end table may not be a practical purchase for everyone, Silvana is certainly an intriguing, inspirational piece of recycled product eye-candy. What do you think?
Via [Design Milk]
Images: Reestore

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Bang the recycled washing machine drum slowly
Reestore, purveyor of contemporary eco design, illuminates with Silvana, a beautiful lamp/end table made from an old washing machine drum.