Personally, I've never really had much of a passion for the time-wasting, tetromino-based thrills of Tetris. The music, in the original Game Boy incarnation at least, tended to make me endlessly anxious and the game itself still, to this day, reminds me of the myriad waiting room distractions in the office of my pediatric dentist. As a kid, I hated going to the dentist and so, as an adult, I still associate tile-matching and line clearing with tooth drilling. 

Chinese design studio Liu Lubin, however, appears to have no sour associations with the crazy-popular puzzle video and arcade game unleashed by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. Stacking, interlocking building blocks reminiscent of Tetriminos are the core of the firm's prototype "Micro House." This easy-to-transport-and-assemble modular abode with a rather unimaginative name (I guess "Hard Drop Hacienda" was taken?) is currently on display in a Beijing park.

Designboom has the essentials on the super-compact prototype type dwelling which, in its unassembled form, can easily fit into a shipping container and includes an office, bedroom, and bathroom with the potential to add more cross-shaped modular rooms:

The fiber-reinforced structure uses modular measurements to created a minimal dwelling that combines resting, working, washing and kitchen programming into a single unit. The tectonics are such that the home can be easily assembled by hand and are light enough to be transportable. The basic construction unit fits into a standard sized container so as to ensure that the great majority of the population to have private housing under current Chinese land policy. Interiors use the architectural planes as furniture surfaces and functional envelopes, enabling comfortable sitting, standing and relaxation with the minimum possible area. The brilliant composition of spaces can be clustered or stand individually.
Intriguing stuff although I’m guessing that just like this song, entering/stumbling into each individual room by crawling through a small window opening would become endlessly tiresome after a not too long.

Via [Architizer] via [Designboom]

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Beijing micro-house is built from stackable, Tetris-esque blocks
Sure, Tetris is awesome at keeping idle hands busy. But who knew that the video puzzle could inspire a micro housing concept?