I’ve been a bit bench-obsessed lately. Why? Because for what they lack in plushness, they make up for in versatility: place one at the foot of your bed, use one as a coffee or side table in the living room, saddle one up to your dining room table, or just use one as a traditional seat in a living area or entryway. With their unfussy design and sundry uses, benches are the ultimate small apartment furnishing.

Below are seven stylish indoor benches made from an array of eco-friendly materials — sustainable wood, recycled HDPE, and even old seatbelts — that have helped to fuel my rampant bench lust. Check 'em out. 

Terra Bench @ West Elm ($269)

Hollow Bench @ Brave Space Design ($1,085)

Cubby Bench @ Loll ($624)

Arbor Bench @ Vivavi ($695)

Strap Bench @ CB2 ($299)

STAACH Cain Collection Bench II @ Design Public ($230)

Tomita Designs Chaboo bench @ Supermarket (Sm, $250; Lg $300)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Bench press
Versatile and simple, indoor benches are ideal for tight spaces and limited budgets. Here are 7 eye-catching eco-benches that deserve a little press.