Skyscraper with mountain forest penthouse

Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Not your average penthouse

An architectural oddity situated atop a 26-story Beijing skyscraper (seen in a photo taken on Aug. 13) was declared illegal by code enforcement officials after several years of neighborhood balking.

The eccentric creator is Dr. Zhang Biqing, a founder of a chain of Chinese medicine clinics. Over six years, Biqing has spent $130,000 to envelope his rooftop home into a "mountain retreat" made of imitation rocks dotted with trees and shrubbery.

Neighbors, who have endured years of construction disruptions, believe the unusual urban abode is affecting the building's integrity. While residents who live under the extravagant penthouse have dealt with damages to pipework and walls, Biqing says he was just trying to make the building look nicer.

The mountainous additions to the apartment have been ordered to be demolished within 15 days.

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Bizarre Beijing rooftop 'mountain' ruled illegal
Eccentric resident illegally constructs a faux 'mountain retreat' atop a 26-story Beijing skyscraper.