The Make It Right Foundation — Brad Pitt’s massive effort to bring affordable, storm-safe, sustainable housing to NOLA’s Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Lower 9th Ward — has unveiled 14 new duplex designs from a global roster of top architecture firms.

As I reported in January, the first six houses — out of a planned 150 — have been completed. Since then, more have been erected and are sheltering once-displaced NOLA residents. These 14 fresh duplex designs follow Make It Right's mission to transform the Lower 9th Ward into “a neighborhood comprised of safe and healthy homes that are inspired by Cradle to Cradle thinking, with an emphasis on a high quality of design, while preserving the spirit of the community's culture.” The homes also address issues unique to multi-family dwellings and NOLA including flexibility, affordability, landscaping as a design and energy element, and integration with the street.

I’ve picked out my top five favorites designs below with links to the architects responsible. The remaining nine follow. After taking a look, what are your top picks?

Constructs (Ghana)
Gehry Partners, LLP (US)
Bildit Design (US)/ BNIM (US)
buildingstudio (US)/Elemental (Chile)
GRAFT (Germany)/Pugh+ Scarpa (US)
MVRDV (The Netherlands)/ Kappe + Du Architects (US)
Photos: Make It Right

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Brad Pitt's sweet 14
14 new duplex designs from a slew of top architects are announced as part of NOLA rebuilding effort, Make it Right.