From seat/step-stool/ironing board combos to secretary desk-cum-bars to transformer cribs to next-gen milk crates, you needn’t look to hard to find multipurpose — and often space-saving — home furnishings 'round these parts. Today, here's a look at a super-versatile storage/seating/whatever-you-want-it-to-be system that’s currently in need of a little crowdfund lovin’ over at Indiegogo.
Composed of individual, lightweight (1.5 pounds) modular units that, when joined together in the arrangement of your choice take on a honeycomb-esque form, BUILD is described as a multifunctional furniture system that “grows with you." As your living situation changes over time — or if you acquire more stuff — the system can be added upon — or downsized — and reconfigured to your liking.
Joined together by clips on the backside of the units — no Allen key or any sort of tools are needed, folks — a BUILD system can be put together in a matter of minutes.
“Designed to inspire creativity,” the most obvious use for BUILD modules is to stack ‘em together to create a freestanding storage unit or partition. It’s an attention-grabbing setup no doubt, although those who have a thing for storage baskets may be out of luck due to irregular shape of the units. As noted at the BUILD Indiegogo campaign page, “The shelves that display your belongings become the boxes to transport them. Great for when you move home or change your desk at your workplace.” Below is a BUILD storage configuration composed of 16 individual modules with backs.
With the provided clips that can be screwed into a wall, BUILD modules can also be configured as a shelving unit.
Or turned around and used as stools or low end tables when guests come over and there's not enough room on the sofa.

And thanks to the modules’ thermal insulating properties, you can even take the waterproof units outside and use ‘em to store and serve cold drinks.

As mentioned, the stackable units also come in mighty handy if moving.

To be manufactured in the U.S. as well as in The Netherlands and Germany, the sustainability minded team behind BUILD are taking a stand against disposable, “deliberately designed to fall apart” furniture that’s often treated with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.
To that end, designed-to-last BUILD units are manufactured in an ecologically responsible manner using ARPRO, a recyclable plastic foam material that’s nontoxic, emissions-free, and, apparently, safe to eat. However versatile, I would advise against serving HP Sauce-drizzled BUILD units to dinner guests. Says BUILD:
BUILD is entirely made from a single raw material (polypropylene). No glue, no metal, no unhealthy materials.  This means that at the end of its useful life you can simply place it in the recycle bin.
Please be responsible and recylce it properly. By properly sorting and recycling your plastics, you are helping to save approximately 88% of the energy required to produce plastic from the raw materials of oil and gas.
At this point, the CNC prototypes have been produced and manufacturing partners have been established. Up next? The production phase.
To help kick the production phase into high gear, the BUILD team is seeking contributions/pre-orders. A set of three BUILD units — available in black or white with closed or open backs — starts at $99. On the far other end of the spectrum, donate $2,490 and you’ll receive 72 units. With a deadline of Aug. 16, the total fundraising goal is $100,000 and as of now BUILD is about a quarter of the way there.
Intrigued? Head on over the Indiegogo campaign where you can learn more and pre-order BUILD units for yourself. Also be sure to check out the below video in which Stuttgart-based BUILD founders Alex and Natasha give their delightfully accented pitch.

Via [Gizmag]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

BUILD: Honeycomb-inspired modular furniture for ever-changing homes
An antidote to shoddily manufactured and toxin-emitting home furnishings, multifunctional BUILD modules can be used for a variety of purposes indoors and out.