As summer nears and nature-deprived urbanites begin to get that itch (you know, the itch to get the heck of dodge and hole up in the woods for a spell, preferably in close proximity to a babbling brook), Barcelona-headquartered sustainable design firm In-tenta has unveiled a prefab micro-cabin concept that boasts the sleek appearance of a spaceship escape pod and a design that treads lightly wherever you ultimately decide to plop, or, in this instance, drop, it.

While this “organically shaped” petite holiday retreat, dubbed the Cabin Drop XL, isn’t the first example of leave-no-trace-minded modular housing we’ve looked at, it is a notable new entry into the category — a category that falls somewhere between pitching a tent and taking up residence in a giant piece of furniture that you’ve had delivered to the middle of the woods.

Explains In-tenta:

The DROP modules are part of the large emerging trend in the field of modular microarchitecture, suitable for being placed wherever the heart desires and the land permits. They have been designed to be placed in a natural spot, and easily removed without any ecological damage as a consequence of its presence. The aim of DROP modules is to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism with customers that like travelling but don’t want to stay in usual hotels in usual places, and demand sustainable architecture and a high degree of design.

Made with wood, steel and glass, this microarchitecture is specifically designed as a removable modular unit to be installed with a minimum impact on the environment. The structure's base is elevated from the ground, on adjustable steel legs, to minimize the contact with the soil and adapt to the irregular terrains. A notable feature of the design is the large bubble windows at the ends of the cylindrical tube. DROP modules offer a solution for both environmentally conscious use and smart interior design.

The whole factory-built shebang, a larger version of In-Tenta’s original “removable hotel room” dubbed the Drop, rings in at about 325-square-feet and can be fully customized with add-ons depending on its intended use. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Cabin DROP XL is shoo-in for low-impact nature escapes
A tent alternative for dedicated glampers and design-conscious holiday-makers, this prefab micro-cabin treads lightly wherever it happens to 'drop.'