Does your modestly sized backyard swimming hole offend water-sensitive neighbors? Well, as always, a certain histrionic French Canadian chanteuse will not be outperformed.
Celine Dion and svengali/husband René Angélil are kicking the summer swimming season off in typically bombastic style with a new 500,000-gallon water park built in the backyard of their $20 million Jupiter Island, Fla., estate. The pool “system” includes two gigantic pools, water slides, and a "lazy river" that propels swimmers around the aquatic Arcadia.

No shocker here, but Dion’s neighbors are none too happy about her new addition. According to reports, filling the massive pool(s) caused an actual drought on tony Jupiter Island — also home to Tiger Woods as you may recall — leading to local water restrictions. After facing steep fines due to her water-hogging, the internationally celebrated caterwauler drilled six wells on her property. Yep, six wells for one Celine-sized backyard swimming pool. And let's not forget the energy needed to heat the pool and keep the pumps running ...

I have to admit that Celine's multimillion dollar take on the slip 'n' slide does look fun — if things ever get rough now that her Vegas run is over will she start charging admission? — but on the environmental egregiousness scale, it looks like Celine has scored another Platinum hit.

Via [The Daily Mail]

Photo: Splash News

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