If you’re like me and love a little modern design eye candy, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is the event of the year. And what do you know? I missed it this year. No complaints since I was on vacation in California but I’ve spent the last couple of days over my head in ICFF round-ups, best of lists, interviews, spotlights, and beautiful photos of everything that I missed … a bit overwhelming to say the least (I recommend perusing The New York Times’ easy to swallow coverage).

Emerging blurry eyed and a bit euphoric from all the ICFF coverage, one striking new design stood out to me: Lamps made from upcycled toothpicks and plastic spoons by Daisuke Hiraiwa.

Thank you Fast Company for being there to capture, on video, Hiraiwa, a Tokyo-born design graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, explaining his meticulous, awe-inspiring designs. They certainly aren't for everyone but Hiraiwa gets giant thumbs up for creative reuse of materials. I’m partial to the toothpick one… it truly has to be seen to be believed. See it below.

Via [Fast Company] and [Design Boom]

Images: Design Boom

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Certainly not your grandmother's lamp
A highlight of this year's ICFF (that I missed) was Daisuke Hiraiwa's lamps made from discarded toothpicks and plastic spoons.