From spent oil barrels to discarded law school text books, there are many seemingly impossible to upcycle objects out there that have been given a new lease on life as functional, attractive home furnishings. Generally, hulking, power-guzzling refrigerators — with the exception of this unusual seating arrangement — aren’t one of them.


Just don’t tell that to the crew over at Y-town, an esteemed, eco-minded design firm in Shanghai whose designers have worked brilliantly with junked Frigidaires in the past.


Most recently, the Y-town team’s upcycled home appliance prowess took a turn for the heartwarmingly cute when one of the designers transformed an old Bosch refrigerator turned on its side into a spacious shelter for an adorable stray pup named Chuichui. Chuichui’s new digs come with a carpeted entrance/exit ramp, a slanted roof, and distinct living areas including a roomy “bedroom” that the Y-town designers outfitted with a plush pooch cushion.


What a lucky lady. And rumor is, because of her unusual new home, Chuichui has emerged as a viral sensation on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media site similar to Twitter.

Pet owners: Have you ever crafted an eye-catching upcycled abode in the same vein as chez Chuichui for your dog or kitty?


Via [Wired UK] via [Inhabitat]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Chez Chuichui: The coolest upcycled doghouse in Shanghai
The crafty, bighearted designers at a Chinese eco-design firm transform a thrown-out refrigerator into a tricked-out doghouse for a plucky (and very lucky) stra