However “in” thin may be, Walden, a portable prefab garden shed/retreat that I blogged about yesterday is probably too skinny — only 3-feet wide — for even the most diehard small house aficionado. After all, the Hollywood Squares-esque structure is more a giant cubby wall with seats than an actual living space.

So today, here’s another pint-sized prefab backyard office/studio/cabin that’s also outdoorsy-minded but offers a bit more green girth than Walden: The Crib from Maryland-based Broadhurst Architects. While Walden found inspiration from lofty transcendentalist thought, The Crib — dubbed as an “Enviresponsible Shelter” — is modeled after traditional agricultural storage units, corn cribs.

The Crib comes in two sizes, the Basic Crib (175-square feet of enclosed space plus 125-square feet of exterior deck space) and the Full Crib (250-square feet of enclosed space plus 125-square feet of exterior deck space). In addition to its structural insulated panel (SIP)-based prefabricated design that allows for easy, low-impact assembling and disassembling, The Crib can be outfitted with LED interior lighting, a rain barrel collection system, radiant floor heating, and other green features.
I don’t know about you but from just one glance at the above image, I think chillin’ lakeside in a private Crib seems totally ideal right about now. Learn more about these granary-inspired green mini-homes here

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Children of the corn (cribs)
A petite and green prefab retreat called The Crib is modeled after traditional corn cribs, agricultural structures used to dry and store corn.