Well then, that's settled.

Quote of the day honors go to tiny house poster boy Jay Shafer — formerly of the trailblazing Tumbleweed Tiny House Company — in reference to the cleverly configured, square footage-challenged homes he's designing as part of his latest venture, Four Lights Tiny House Company: "It’s kind of like LEGO meets IKEA and they make a porn movie together."

Lots more on the delightfully sardonic Shafer's latest designs and his in-the-works village of tiny houses (just don't call it a trailer park) tentatively called Napoleon Complex in the latest offering from the gang at faircompanies.

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Cohousing for the antisocial: Jay Shafer's tiny house 'trailer park' [Video]
Tiny house builder turns his attention to a planned village of micro-homes (it will be zoned as an RV park) in Sonoma, Calif. dubbed Napoleon Complex.