After writing yesterday's post on Kite Cabin, the winner of the Shed of the Year 2009 contest, I went on somewhat of a shed-kick and ended up on the website of David Ballinger’s (a Brit, natch) fantastic prefab shed company, MetroShed.

MetroShed’s modern green shed designs have been on my radar for a while now but I wasn't aware that the company had moved into green furniture design and production with MetroSofa. Or maybe I was aware but had purposely forgotten about MetroSofa — launched to the public early last year — because, honestly, the designs are so beautiful that they drive me crazy.

I do say that with a touch of hyperbole but normally I’m not a sofa man. I gravitate towards home accessories, lighting, and other furniture pieces … I like sofas that are unassuming, bland, and gray colored. They just don’t really get me going.

MetroSofa, however, is a different story. After looking at several of the company’s modern designs I was overcome with an immediate sense of “must have now.” MetroSofa furniture isn’t cheap (it starts in the $1,400 range plus shipping costs from Florida) so I’m going to start working on that piggybank.

Like MetroSheds, MetroSofa pieces are constructed with both the buyer and Mother Nature in mind. The sofa frames are recycled/antique that would have otherwise met an untimely end in a landfill. All the materials used in creating each sofa — paints, finishes, fabrics — are chosen for their eco-friendly qualities. The company will also take on custom projects.

Pictured throughout this post are a few of my favorite MetroSofa creations. What do you think? A stroke of green design genius or a bit too whimsical?

And FYI, MetroSofa also produces armchairs (love the Louis-style ones) but I was so smitten with the sofas I couldn’t fully tackle the chairs. 

Photos: MetroSofa

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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