I’m always on the lookout for pet accessories — be it flip-flop dog hammocks or contemporary kitty litter boxes — that are non-hideous (ie: complement the interior of a home rather than clash with it) and help both owner and pet reduce their respective eco footprints/paw prints.

Today’s finds are Nest and Pod cat beds (they’re also suitable for small dogs) from Gregory Kenny of Vancouver BC-based Kilowatt Studio. A pleasing departure from standard fabric-covered foam pet beds, the Nest and Pod are handcrafted in Vancouver from bamboo, organic cotton, and hypoallergenic wool. 

Aside from giving Kitty a comfortable place to nap that’s good looking, made with sustainable materials, and bacteria-, mold-, and mildew-resistant, 10 percent from the sale of each bed is donated to the Vancouver Orphan Kitty Rescue Association, a cat rescue group that fosters orphaned kitties and places them in new homes. Purrfect.  

Head on over to the Kilowatt Studio website for more info. And for more on keeping a pet-safe home, check out family blogger Jenn's helpful recent post on the topic. 

Via [Design Milk]

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Creature comforts (for cats)
Aesthetically pleasing and sustainably made, Kilowatt Studio's Nest and Pod cat beds are ideal for man's second best friend.