Many admirers of the great outdoors don’t have the time to actually set foot outside. Whether it’s work, family, a gym membership, or a crippling addiction to TiVo, there are more than a few reasons why those who fancy themselves BFFs with Mother Nature rarely enjoy her splendor. I call it Idle Thoreau Syndrome. It can strike anyone who appreciates the natural world but just doesn’t live in it.

Daytrip Society, the Kennebunkport, Maine-based purveyor of nature-themed goods with a design-y edge offers retail therapy for those suffering from such an affliction. While proprietors (and New York City expats) Jessica Jenkins and Andy West sell plenty of eco-conscious outdoor gear — Sigg bottles, Patagonia packs, and reusable sporks  for those communing with nature, they also cater to those who want to bring the great outdoors inside

Say what? In a nutshell, Daytrip Society sells home goods for nature boys and girls who would rather cuddle up with a bear on the couch than step in one’s poop in the woods; switcon Smart Candle rather than build a campfire; admire a majestic moose … on the wall. The store — visit the Kennebunkport boutique or shop online — also stocks items by big-name designers like Thomas Paul and Normann Copenhagen along with an extensive array of books (think bird watching guides and Silent Spring).  

And true to the eco-spirit of the place, Jenkins and West donate to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. These folks truly walk the talk. Now it's time for you to shop the shop. 

Daytrip Society

4 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine. 


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.