In the spirit of Halloween, my first post today was on Brian Dettmer’s remarkable — in detail and in ghoulishness — skeletal sculptures made from recycled audiocassette tapes. Now, here’s a decidedly more accessible work of creative recycling that’s less Planet Green goes Elvira:

TerraCycle may be best known for plant food and household cleaners packaged in old plastic soda bottles but eco-entrepreneur Tom Szaky’s N.J.-based business is responsible for many other nifty items that incorporate the ingenious reuse of trash. Fresh from TerraCycle (just in time for holiday shopping madness) are Frito-Lay Speakers, portable, foldable, battery-free audio speakers made from upcycled Frito-Lay chip bags. Better yet, the Frito-Lay Speakers are designed in collaboration with Merkury Innovations so their sound quality must be somewhat decent for the $20 price tag. The speakers, a true dream come true for Cool Ranch-munching audiophiles, can plug into any device with a 3.5mm universal plug.

Pretty amazing. If you’re not familiar with TerraCycle yet, check out the company homepage/storefront where you can shop and become a part of the TerraCycle community. Also, read more about TerraCycle’s new Scotch Tape Brigade in a recent post from lifestyle blogger Siel.

Via [Fast Company]

Photos: TerraCycle

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Doritos that you can dance to
TerraCycle's new line of portable, battery-less speakers are crafted from the upcycled remnants of Frito-Lay chip bags.