Since ordering a Cubic Switchplate from the talented ladies at Brooklyn-based Design Glut for a light switch in my living room, I can’t take my eyes off of the switch in question. I purchased the switch plate — electric switch plates are also available — to cheaply spice up a barren wall with a visual gag, but I’ve found myself more concerned with the position of the switch. Every time I leave the room, the Cubic Switchplate catches my attention and, in turn, I remember to flip the switch to “off.”

For most, electric and light switch plates aren’t a numero uno décor concern. Standard white or whatever color matches your paint will do in most cases, although if you have a fairy/kitty fetish, you’re also in luck. But as I’ve found out, a striking switch plate can serve as a silent alarm for chronic-forgetting-to-turn-off-the-light’ers and never-unplug’ers. Why not highlight the source of your household energy inefficiencies? And with Earth Hour coming up, it's a fine excuse to dress up those switches in honor of their 60 minute nap-time.

In addition to the Cubic Switchplates, Design Glut’s Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher create some most excellent products like the Slow Food Tray, a must-own for eco-epicureans.

Design Glut Cubic Switchplates (light or electric in black or white) @ Design Glut, Supermarket, and other stores ($8) 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Dressing up switch plates
Although not blatantly eco-friendly, Cubic Switchplates serve as an aesthetically pleasing reminder to unplug appliances and turn off lights.