From urban swimming holes to mobile pocket parks, ingenious, reuse-minded artists and designers are certainly not short on ways to breathe new life into oversized waste receptacles commonly associated with construction projects. But a Dumpster home?

Artist/reused shipping container home builder Gregory Kloehn has created just that in his Berkeley, Calif., workshop: “... a nice little home out of a garbage can.” Kloehn’s (somewhat) fully-equipped, one-room trash receptacle digs come complete with hardwood floors, storage space, granite countertops, an outdoor BBQ, stainless steel appliances, electrical and water systems, and a hidden toilet. His next step? Installing a flat-screen television.  

Explains Kloehn in this short video, “Luxury Living … With a Twist!” filmed by his neighbor, the filmmaker Kim Aronson, for Berkeleyside:

I’m just trying to break down what the home can be. What is it? What the components are — what do you need? Is it toilets and a kitchen and a roof? Or is it location? Or is it a house that expresses yourself? I don't know. I think for everyone it's a little bit different. But for me, I'm just trying to deconstruct what a home can be — how can you turn different objects into a home — and see if I can put everything in that a home has inside of a Dumpster, and if I can make it nice enough where perhaps someone would like to live in it.
Want to see Kloehn’s curious creation for yourself? The project, dubbed “Elite Waste,” will be appearing “somewhere on Eddy Street” as part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival which kicks off today (Sept. 7) and runs through Sept. 18. My big question not answered in the video: where is the sleeping space? 
Via [Berkeleyside] via [Curbed]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Dumpster, sweet Dumpster: Artist turns waste receptacle into mini-home
Using a repurposed trash bin, Berkeley-based artist Gregory Kloehn creates Oscar the Grouch's dream home: A comfortable, one-room dwelling complete with hardwoo