Click here to learn more about all the eco-friendly bells and whistles and the overall mission behind the COMET Camper, a lovely little mobile classroom/full-time home that owner/educator Mariah Coz describes as a "DIY guide for others wanting to pare down and have little to no negative impact on the environment, other humans, and themselves." 

Look strangely familiar?  This carefully renovated "exercise in sustainability and small space living" may very well be the same type of camper that your grandparents hauled back and forth to Palm Desert every winter in the mid-1960s (minus the bumber garden, vermicomposting bins, and recycled denim insulation). I should also point out that Coz owns the most amazing sweater that I've ever seen.


Via [SpacesTV/YouTube]

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Dwell on wheels: Vintage trailer reborn as low-impact mobile abode
Squeeze on in for a tour of the COMET, a 1960s Avalon camper transformed into a solar-powered mobile abode by Mariah Coz.