Similar to May and June’s installments of “Evergreen Homes” — a series of monthly posts in which I spotlight great green homes from my home state of Washington — I’m moving away from the green building hotbed of Seattle to feature projects further afield in locales like the San Juan Islands and Walla Walla. For this month’s installment, I’m featuring a home — a prefab cabin, to be exact — located in the teeny-tiny (population = 90) but frequently traveled-through former mining outpost known as Glacier.

Located near the summit of mighty Mount Baker on Washington State Scenic Byway Highway 542, the town of Glacier is flooded with outdoor recreation enthusiasts who flock to the area on a year-round basis to ski, snowboard, sled, climb, camp, hike, bike, raft, fish, forage for mushrooms, take mushrooms, or just take in the truly spectacular wilderness of the Mt-Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Once upon a time, I even spent time in Glacier while my father was going through a midlife crisis outdoor adventure kick that involved river rafting and backpacking. I remember it as being a "blink and you'll miss it" kind of town where the center activity was a general store with an attached tavern.

As mentioned, today’s featured “Evergreen Home” is indeed a cabin. It's also somewhat different than past “Evergreen Homes" that I've featured. For starters, the Balance Associates-designed Method Cabin from Seattle-based, “down to earth” prefab manufacturer Method Homes is meant to be replicated and isn’t a full or part-time private residence. This 1,811-square foot retreat-in-the-woods is actually a fully outfitted model home that doubles as a rental cabin for potential buyers looking to experience a couple of nights in the same type of prefab home that they're considering buying. It’s also available to rent as a crash pad for outdoor enthusiasts “playing” in the area.
With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ample gear-stashing space, the Method Cabin is comprised of five factory-built-by-master-craftsmen modules including a bridge that connects the living and sleeping areas. Built to LEED Gold standards, green features of the cabin include low-flow fixtures, hydronic radiant heat, “enhanced” insulation, reclaimed cedar siding, low/zero-VOC paints and finishes, and a slag concrete foundation that includes recycled content. The base model of Method Cabin Model 1 starts at $271,650.
For those of you that might actually want to spend a night or two in this secluded eco-showhome, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a hot tub, ping pong table, BBQ grill, and 400 thread count organic cotton sheets. Weekly and monthly rates are available.
Although the Method Cabin was completed in 2008 and the firm has tackled over 20 residential projects since then, this modular hermitage just recently came into my radar after I caught a great panel on “The Business of Prefab” at last month’s Dwell on Design conference that featured Method Homes co-founder Mark Rylant and Frank Vafaee of Proto Homes. Off-stage, Dwell’s Miyoko Ohtake also chatted with Rylant in this great Q & A .
A precision-built wilderness cabin with a hot tub? Sounds like paradise to me (for up to five nights or until I go stir-crazy). Learn more about the Method Cabin here (and click here to learn more about its rent-ability). Also take a few minutes to take a gander at other projects and models from this leader in the Washington state modern, green prefab scene. 
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Is there a notable green residential building project in Washington that you'd liked to see featured in an upcoming installment of "Evergreen Homes?"

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Evergreen homes: The Method Cabin
For this special summer getaway edition of 'Evergreen homes,' modern green prefab meets the great outdoors at the Method Cabin, a rentable modular model home in