Winter is the season of cookbooks, diet and fitness tomes and self-help-y nonfiction (you know, big family dinners, big family drama and the pursuit of New Years resolutions). Spring is all about home improvement and gardening. With summer comes tawdry mass-market paperbacks, YA trifles and whatever you've been meaning to get around to reading since winter and spring. Autumn ... well, autumn is for everything else.

Autumn, by far the most high-minded and bookish time of year, is the perfect time to commit to literary pursuits: the light is less harsh, the kids are back in school, cozy throw blankets start to re-circulate around the house and some of the year's best and biggest releases start to pop on booksellers' shelves in advance of the holidays. It's a season to feel smart, informed, enlightened.

And when it comes to freshly released books on the topics of sustainable design and architecture, fall is generally flush with fantastic picks. Below, I've scouted out nine newly published and forthcoming releases touching down an eclectic array of subject matters ranging from building with retired shipping containers to the fine art of transforming landfill-bound trash into interior design treasures. I've also thrown in a hefty volume of good, old-fashioned cabin porn for good measure. 

Is there a green design or architecture book that you're looking forward to sitting down with this fall? Please do share in the comments section. And any related books that you conquered over the summer that you care to recommend?

The Box - Architectural Solutions with Containers book"The Box - Architectural Solutions with Containers" by Sibylle Kramer (Braun) 11/7

Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast book"Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast" by Mark Wilson (Gibbs)

 Midcentury Houses Today book"Midcentury Houses Today" by Lorenzo Ottaviani, Jeffrey Matz, Cristina A. Ross (Monacelli Press) 10/21

Bamboo book"Bamboo Construction & Design" by Eduard Broto (Links International) 11/7 

Heritage Salvage book"Heritage Salvage: Reclaimed Stories" by Michael "Bug" Deakin (Cameron + Company) 

Beautifully Small book"Beautifully Small: Style Solutions for Small Spaces" by Sara Emslie (Ryland Peters & Small) 10/15

Superlight books"Superlight: Rethinking How Our Homes Impact the Earth" by Phyllis Richardson (Metropolis Books)

Cabins book"Cabins" by Philip Jodidio (Taschen) 11/20

Shigeru Ban book"Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture" by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson,  Claude Bruderlein, Naomi Pollock (Aspen Art Press/D.A.P.) 10/31

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Fall 2014 reading list: 9 green design tomes to cozy up with and conquer
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