Here's an excellent new video — a real treat for all of you green real estate voyeurs out there — from CBS's SmartPlanet where David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council, opens the doors of his LEED Platinum (natch) Oakland, Calif. abode for a quick tour and look at its various eco-friendly bells and whistles. 

I suppose I would have liked something a little more comprehensive, a la MTV's "Cribs," complete with a grand refrigerator reveal and peak inside of his closets but I'll settle for this. As Gottfried explains, his home isn't "perfect" (and not net-zero energy) but he "wanted to walk the talk and went at it pretty hard with the house."
He goes on to say, "ultimately, you can work on greening buildings, creating green building councils, new technologies, but green starts at home. And we all live in a home and if our homes aren't green then we're not pure in terms of our beliefs." Good stuff. The embed code for the video seems to be on the fritz at the moment so click here to watch. 
Via [SmartPlanet]

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