I spent a fair amount of time in 2012 charting the expansion of prolific green prefab builder Blu Homes across California including high profile installs in Sonoma and Joshua Tree. In its mission to further conquer the West in the new year, Blu Homes recently announced its expansion into Hawaii. And then there’s this exciting tidbit coming from a locale about as far away from Maui that you can get: the company has “unfolded” it’s very first next-gen Breezheouse — a bigger, badder, and, umm, breezier update on Michelle Kaufmann’s iconic 2005 prefab design — in rural upstate New York. Previously, the design only existed west of the Rockies.
The Hudson Valley Breezehouse is located in the bucolic Columbia County burg of Copake, about two hours north of New York City (if Copake sounds to familiar to any of you gardeners out there, it’s the stomping/fertilizing ground of author/blogger Margaret Roach, who, coincidentally has a brand new horticulture-centric memoir out).
The precision-built home (yep, it was built in Blu’s California factory and trucked across the country) that's outfitted with the latest green technologies (yep, all solar-ready Blu Homes leave the factory LEED Silver certifiable) will serve as a model home for a new environmentally sensitive development from local developer Neil Costa who is offering 12 individual home sites located on anywhere from a little under 7 to 25 woodsy acres.
Having spent some in and around the region, I’m guessing the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain views will be nothing short than spectacular. And to preserve those views and the stunning natural environment in the area, Costa worked with local conservancy groups in developing the 200-acre project.
And for those of you frustrated souls in the Northeast who have been itching to visit a Breezehouse in the flesh, you’re in luck: On the weekend of January 26, Blu Homes will be celebrating the East Coast debut of the Breezehouse by opening up the home for free public tours.
From a press release issue by Blu:
At the grand opening event, prospective homebuyers and modern design enthusiasts will have the opportunity to tour the beautiful 2,420 square-foot precision-built home. Designed by world-renowned architects, this three-bedroom, three-bath home boasts a spacious, light-filled indoor environment that connects seamlessly and elegantly with the natural landscape. Structural steel framing and advanced building science make it possible for Blu’s homes to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high snow loads and wind gusts of up to 110 mph.
And, yes, snacks and beverages will be served.
Intrigued? Click here to RSVP for the grand opening event and to learn more about the location and hours. And what do you know … yours truly, donning my finest snow boots and bundled up in a scarf, will be on hand for my own visit of the East Coast's first Breezehouse. I’d love to see you in beautiful Copake! 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

For the first time, iconic green prefab 'breezes' onto the Eastern Seaboard
Blu Homes celebrates the East Coast debut of the iconic Breezehouse with an open house weekend in New York's Hudson Valley region.