Sophie Donelson, my close amiga and former editor at CITY magazine, has a new website up and running. Although the site primarily functions as Sophie's virtual CV, she'll also be keeping a blog where she'll wax ecstatic on interior design, home decor, crafting, fashion, and other topics. Sophie has written and/or edited for Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Blueprint, Interior Design, and Connecticut Cottages & Gardens so she's intimate with the topic at hand -- in a past post, I wrote about a vintage picture frame project she executed with Design Therapy's Brad Ford.

Although Sophie doesn't deal with issues of sustainability all too often, she's all up in the vintage and crafting scene. She proves that going green around the home doesn't necessarily mean going out and buying something new affixed with an often dubious "eco-approved" label; it's also about finding something old and giving it sparkle; making magic with what you already have; revamping, repurposing, and reimagining instead of outright replacing. Sophie, a true DIYer, anti-dilettante, and vintage-hound, has a wonderful eye for all things interior so check in with her blog for inspiration, ideas, and pretty pictures. And be sure to tell her Matt from MNN sent 'ya. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Brooklyn-based interior design journalist Sophie Donelson launches a new blog.