I vowed to report on green pet keeping on Wednesdays in January, but I’m dedicating this entry to the two-legged, under-ten set of the human variety.  After all, there is some overlap — toys, daycare, a carefully selected diet, you get the picture  — between raising kids and caring for a canine companion. Heck, my mother’s shih tzu, Teddy, had his own ear and eye specialist, something that I’m not sure I even had as a child.

So now I move on from doghouses to dollhouses. The Wonderworld Eco House from Smart Gear is a traditional wooden dollhouse with a distinct green twist — it comes with mini recycling bins, solar panel, wind turbine, bicycle, rain barrel, and more — making it the ideal green home primer for any pint-sized environmentalist. I was quite smitten with Playmobil and Fisher Price as a kid, but I can’t recall ever seeing anything eco-related in my big heap of toys (those Matchbox cars sure as heck weren’t hybrids). Obviously, things have changed for the better since 1985.

The Eco House is crafted from renewable rubberwood and water-based paints, making it safe for both rugrats and Mamma Earth. The packaging is made with 70 percent recycled paper.


I find it amusing that a children’s dollhouse can theoretically boast more sustainable features than the actual house that it’s in. Can you imagine little Jane nagging oh-so-precociously: “But Mooooom, if my dolls can have a rainwater catchment system, why can’t we?”

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Wonderworld Eco House @ Toys “R” Us  ($129). Ages 36 months and up.

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From the doghouse to the dollhouse
We've got eco-friendly doggy abodes covered. What's next? Dollhouses, naturally.