Yesterday, MNN technology blogger Karl Burkart reported on a new type of high-performance insulation, Greensulate. The invention of two students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Greensulate has a most unusual key ingredient: Mushrooms.

Greensulate's patented “mushroom technology” is pretty complex to describe (which is why Karl is our trusty tech guru, not me) but here’s an interesting ‘shroom-based creation that’s a great alternative to cheap, plastic disposable lawn furniture. 

Designer Shinwei Rhoda Yen’s “Mushrooms Ate My Furniture” chair is an ordinary natural wood bench meant for outdoor use. The catch? It’s also embedded with mushroom spores. Leave it in your garden and the mushrooms living and growing in the bench will eat away at the wood’s nutrients and cause the bench to naturally biodegrade. I’m not sure how long the bench actually sustains for, but if you ever tire of it, no worries … the ravenous fungi are hard at work. 

Via [Inhabitat] via [Designboom]  

Images: Designboom

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Fungal furnishings
Another mushroom-based creation that’s a great alternative to plastic lawn furniture.