I have a new design crush. And its name is FUZ.

Berkeley-based industrial designer Josh Jakus — best known for UM handbags — wears the three tenant design mantra of his new-ish home accessories line, FUZ, loud and proud: “Unusually smart. Sustainably produced. Made in the USA.” 

Take a look at these offerings from FUZ, including the new Curly Lamp. Jakus works with recycled or excess materials — HDPE plastic, felt, rubber, wood, etc. — when possible in an efficient production process (high yields, low energy use).

Floppy Baskets (Sm: $25, Lg: $45). Gray or green factory excess wool felt or recycled black rubber.

Curly Lamps (Sm. $35, Lg. $45). 100 percent recycled HDPE plastic; fits CFL bulb.
Napkin Hugs ($15/set of 4). Green or blue/pink factory excess wool felt or recycled black rubber. Also available w/ placemats.

 Dusty ($29/male or female). Recycled wood MDF core; excess wool felt dog eraser.

Corky ($29/boy or girl). Excess corkboard material; recycled wood MDF core.

Everything is available at the FUZ online shop (including steeply discounted items with slight imperfections) and, with the exception of the Curly Lamp, at Supermarket.

Photos: FUZ

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

FUZ-y logic
FUZ, the new eco home accessories line from Josh Jakus, includes Floppy Baskets, Napkin Hugs, and most recently, Curly Lamps.