Today is the final day of the International Builder’s Show — the world’s largest light construction exhibition — at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and from what I’ve read, both green and affordability were constants this year. Funny, I can’t imagine a more environmentally adverse setting (forget about all the bright lights and slot machines, imagine the juice needed to vacuum those sticky casino carpets!) for vendors to highlight eco-advancements in the field, but I do hope what happened in Vegas at this year’s show won’t stay just there.

Since I’m allergic to $5.99 seafood buffets and Barry Manilow, I’ve let This Old House give the inside scoop on what was to be seen on the green scene:

The SunSource from Lennox is the first solar-assisted home heating and cooling system on the market.

The Elements line of cabinetry from Tonusa is modern, modular and made from eco-friendly materials.

Whisper Green ventilation fans from Panasonic are 300 to 500 percent more energy-efficient than minimum ENERGY STAR requirements.

The Edge 60 pellet fireplace from Quadra-Fire is the first of its kind and noticeably more efficient than standard wood-burning fireplaces.

The 100 Series from Andersen Windows is energy-efficient, reasonably priced, and made from more than 20 percent recycled materials.

With over 1,700 exhibitors attending IBS this year, This Old House has obviously just skimmed the surface. Check out Green Talk or the IBS site itself for the latest and greatest in recycled content garage doors, attic stair covers and low-flow toilets. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Gambling, glitter, and plenty o' green
Green pervades the 2009 International Builders’ Show in Sin City. What happens in Vegas hopefully won’t stay there…