There’s no dearth of attractively designed green furniture out there but, more often than not, the price points associated with sustainable, stylish home furnishings can be intimidating. When I come across a green furniture company (*Gus being one) that doesn’t induce financial anxiety, it’s a pretty big eureka moment.

Today, I’m adding Ugo to the ranks of good-looking, green, and, most importantly affordable, furniture companies. Although the single range, the “Oregon Collection,” produced by this small, Eugene, Oregon-based family operation is limited — a 74” wide sofa, 51.5” wide loveseat, and 30” wide armchair — it’s quite remarkable when it comes to eco-friendly (and assembly friendly) design and gentle cost.

Constructed in Oregon with an earthquake-resistant, laminated, FSC-certified MightyPine frame, customers can pick whether they want cushions to be filled with organic cotton, recycled PET, or recycled polyurethane. The first two fabric options cost more ($499 for the armchair, $679 for the loveseat, and $799 for the couch) while the latter is less ($375, $489, $549).

Assembly is quick and painless with no tools required (a huge selling point for me) and the furnishings are lightweight making them a dream purchase for dorm-dwellers and nomadic urbanites. I’m not head over heels in love with the look of the Oregon Collection but it is refreshingly simple; pretty basic, comfy-looking non-offensive stuff. Now only if they'd swap out the Eggplant cushion color option with something a bit more attention-grabbing ...

Since Ugo is targeted towards a more frugal, youthful crowd that might be tempted to go the “I” word route when shopping for home furnishings, the company has a presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Check ‘em out.

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Photos: Ugo

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Going nuts for Ugo
Ugo's home seating solutions — sofa, arm chair and loveseat — are easy-to-assemble, portable, durable, eco-friendly and, gasp, affordable.