Have a knack for sustainable design and/or architecture? Know somebody that does? The always-fabulous Good magazine has teamed up with PRE and Studio X to sponsor this month’s Spontaneous Architecture design competition, a monthly contest that has set its sights on the Haitian rebuilding efforts in February. 
Here's what the SA homepage has to say about the focus of this month's competition: 
In the wake of the Port-au-Prince earthquake, Haitians have sustained an immense loss of life, with numbers still climbing, and the collapse of physical structures signifying the collapse of the governmental, social, economic, and infrastructural institutions those structures housed and represented. Many of those institutions and infrastructures were weak before the quake, as Haiti is among the world's poorest nations, reliant on international aid and subject to severe economic disparity.
This earthquake was no typical disaster, and Haiti is no typical disaster-struck region. In many ways, Port-au-Prince and its institutions required rebuilding before the buildings collapsed. The relief effort of this particular disaster goes beyond air-dropping supplies and building emergency housing. Haiti also requires an emergency economic system (the banks and tax office have collapsed), an emergency medical system (hospitals have collapsed), an emergency justice system (courthouses and the federal prison have collapsed), emergency education (schools have collapsed), and an emergency government (the parliament and many ministry buildings have collapsed). People talk about emergency shelter. What about emergency institutions, only one of which is housing?
The winner of this month's SA competition will receive half of the funds collected from entry fees ($5 a pop) while the rest will be donated to Haitian relief efforts. Enter or simple read more about and follow the competition here
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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

GOOD does good in Haiti
GOOD magazine teams up with PRE and Studio X to sponsor this month's Spontaneous Architecture competition, a design contest that aims to help rebuild Haiti.