With Greener Gadgets 2009 taking place at the end of this month, votes are rollin’ in for the Core 77-sponsored international design competition portion of the conference. The fierce competition goes down on Feb. 27 in New York City, but anyone can cast a vote for their top 10 favorite (out of the 50 finalists) green gadgets until Feb. 20.

With a focus on consumer electronics, not all of the entries are for use in the home. And in my humble opinion, some nearly fall into the borderline useless category. But all and all, there’s no shortage of great, innovative ideas in the running. Below are the 10 gadgets — all home-related — that I voted for.

To read more about Greener Gadgets 2009, check out Inhabitat’s continuing coverage, the conference's official blog, and Shea Gunther’s take on one of the more buzz-worthy entries, the Tweet-a-Watt. 

  1. cardboardcase by Francesco Biasci and Martina Becattini (Italy)
  2. WattBlocks by Frog Design (US)
  3. Bware Water Meter by Ariel Drach (Israel)
  4. CompostAll by Frog Design (US)
  5. Blight by Vincent Gerkens (Belgium)
  6. Standby Monsters by Rachel Turner (UK)
  7. Urban Fan by William Oltman (US)
  8. Indoor Drying Rack by Rob Podell (US)
  9. Enviro’clock Bandage by John Leung (Australia)
  10. Laundry Pod by RKS Design Team (US)


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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I've already geeked out and picked my top 10 choices for the 2009 Green Gadgets Design Competition. What are yours?