Carrick McCullough, energy efficiency guru and Cape Cod booster, has either been completely brainwashed by his parents or truly is a pint-sized environmentalist and low-e window expert. Carrick's green home video tour for Sierra Club Green Home comes off as a mix between Reading Rainbow and This Old House. It's kind of weird. And kind of charming.

At Carrick's age (I think he's 9 or 10), I didn't fret about the kind of light bulbs used in the bathroom vanity or if the attic was adequately insulated. And if my parents ever talked about gas and electric bills, I didn't listen or understand. In fact, I was a young eco-terror. My favorite activities included playing in the backyard with a running garden hose, generating excessive garbage and leaving all the lights on. In the pre-Energy Star era, my understanding of environmentalism mostly involved zapping litterbugs and saving cute, cuddly endangered species. And even as an adult, Carrick makes me feel a bit uninformed. This kid knows his stuff (or his parents have trained him very, very well). It's a definite sign of the times.

Want to feel inadequate about your knowledge of home energy efficiency measures? Watch Carrick in action, below, and check out the rest of his videos on his YouTube page where he discusses matters such as solar power, reel mowers and alternative fuels. And for more on raising an eco-conscious family, check out Jenn Savedge's blog.

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