Fresh from the always intriguing vegetative home accessories and furniture file, here’s a “dangerously loveable and perfectly safe” design that’s positively blowing up across the design blogosphere since showing at the London Design Festival and DMY Berlin:

The mighty clever creation of Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski of Siesta Studio, Green Lamp is a combination flower pot/lamp (plamp?) with a lattice shade framework that doubles as a trellis. Simply fill the base with soil and populate it with your houseplant of choice, preferably flora of the climbing variety such as devil’s ivy, climbing fig, passionflower, or a philodendron. As the plant grows — and with a little training assistance — the it will snake up the pole and up onto the lampshade-shaped trellis where it will provide unique foliage-based shading.

Described by its designers as a “healthy mix of nature and usefulness that puts a different light on things every time you switch it on,” the Green Lamp isn’t just a clever lighting fixture with an integrated planter. Malinowska and Wronksi list a whole slew of obvious benefits — helps you relax, brings you closer to nature, easy to maintain, will make you smile, etc. — to owning a vine-clad lamp while also pointing out that the product is handmade and buying one (more on that in a bit) supports localized, independent design and manufacturing.

More — there's a bit lost in translation but you'll get the point —from Malinowska and Wronski:

It is you who give it the character that evolves every day with the growth of your plant. Together with the shape and growth level not only the look is changing but also the amazing play of light and shadows cast by it. Unique and surprising every day, will share your joys and make you feel better when you're sad. We managed to combine two completely different items. Unanimated object came alive, a living plant acquired surprising properties — it turned out that they match each other so much that they have become inseparable. By taking care of the plant we come closer to nature. We treat Earth, our loved ones and finally ourselves … better.

Lovely stuff. At the moment, Malinowska and Wronski are busy readying the Siesta Studio webstore. In the meantime, you can contact them directly if you’ve fallen head over heels with the Green Lamp and just have to have one. Or, admire to your heart's content in the below video.

Via [Yanko Design]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Green Lamp by Siesta Studio: How green does your table lamp grow?
Green Lamp, a table lamp/plant pot hybrid with a lattice framework shade that acts as a trellis, injects an ample amount of foliage-based charm into in-need-of-