Well, this is adorable: From lamps to birdhouses to hammocks, I’ve come across more than a couple home accessories and furnishings that leave space for a bit of greenery by incorporating built-in planters. Now, it looks like Brussels-based Spanish designer Marcial Ahsayane has the planter/mailbox market cornered with Green Mailbox, a house-shaped outdoor mailbox complete with a sloped “roof” that funnels rainwater into the potted plant of your choice that sits on an adjacent shelf.
As mentioned by Rob over at Curbed, strategic placement is key here … installing the mailbox in a completely sheltered area would render the whole rain-irrigating-mailbox concept pointless. Also, I’d be a concerned if I lived somewhere that regularly received massive amounts of rain that would overwhelm the resident plant. Still, a lovely design concept.
Via [Curbed] via [Contemporist]

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Green Mailbox: A rainwater-irrigating letter drop
Take your love of rainwater collection to soggy new heights with Marcial Ahsayane's Green Mailbox, a letter box with a sloped 'roof' that funnels rainwater into