Although Earth Day has passed, we should take note of another environmental holiday that’s been around for a heck of a lot longer (founded back in 1872): Arbor Day. To celebrate the occasion, I’m taking a look at … green prefab treehouses.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest among some truly impressive sap-letting specimens, I was hooked on the idea of living (or at least fort-making) high above the ground in one of nature’s skyscrapers. I never did have a treehouse of my own, although I did a heck of a lot of climbing up them (and whining that I wanted one). It’s probably a blessing for my parents that Portland, Ore.’s Elevated Living wasn’t around circa 1985-1991, because if I had had this outfitter of prefab green homes on my radar back in the day, they wouldn’t have heard the last of it.

Elevated Living Tree Homes are relatively straightforward, pre-manufactured open-air abodes with strong appeal not just to kids but to adults as well since they can take on a multitude of uses aside from play-space: viewpoint, deck, romantic hideout, you name it. The Elevated Living Classic model tree home that’s currently in production is essentially a green-built — Elevated Living observes LEED certified construction methods — 12’x12’ platform with a protective railing that’s fully customizable. You choose how you want to access it (ladder, fire pole, rope, stairs, etc.) and can add on features like windows, a canopy, and even a roof.

Starting next year, Elevated Living will take things up a notch by producing fully functional (and enclosed) high-end tree residences with plumbing, electricity, kitchenettes, wood stoves, and other modern conveniences found in “normal” green homes.

Take a few minutes to take a look around the Elevated Living website including the company blog. Even if you aren’t on the market for a tree house — basic, tricked-out, or anything in between — you’ll find some excellent Arbor Day eye-candy. And for a look into the acrophobia-inducing future of green prefab treehouse construction, check out my past post on EcoCoon Retreats. 

Via [Inhabitots]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Green, prefab and accessible only by ladder
Oregon's Elevated Living makes high-end 'tree homes' that are prefabricated, green-built and can be customized to your treehugging heart's content.