For those who find sustainable building, science-y stuff, and matters of home energy difficult to digest, summoning the almighty creative and economical power of DIY is the easiest way to go green at home. The D word was once primarily used to describe knitters, homebrewers, Bob Vila devotees, and punk rockers. Now, doing-it-yourself is a way of life. From design-oriented sites like Design*Sponge to virtual craft mega-malls like Etsy to the DIY bible, ReadyMade, everyone and their brother seem to have something crafty up their sleeves these days.

Speaking of sleeves, there’s no better way to promote your DIY leanings than by broadcasting them on a T-shirt, right?  A knock-off of the increasingly retro-chic British wartime “Keep Calm and Carry On” propaganda posters, the “Get Excited and Make Things” T-shirt from UK eco-fashion house howies is the ideal uniform for resource-conscious home decorators and self-reliant home fixer-uppers.

The organic cotton tee is available for men and women (in green, natch). howies threads (think of a hipper, streetwear-oriented Brit version of Patagonia) are a bit hard to come by stateside but if you're desperate, the company does ship overseas. Or, you could just do it yourself.

And while we're on the somewhat off-topic of fashion, check out Siel’s post yesterday about the new Loomstate for Target line. On Wednesday, I’ll have more on Target’s exclusive MIO eco-friendly outdoor/gardening line.

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Images: howies

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Green sleeves
Living it up DIY style at home? Take it to the streets with the Get Excited and Make Things T-shirt.