Having just returned from a trip to Los Angeles and Palm Springs that included an evening searching high and low for an address in the particularly labyrinthine LA enclave of Bel Air, I now fully appreciate well-positioned and illuminated house numbers. 
Think Geek's Solar LED Address Numbers would have surely truncated that eye-straining driving-around-in-circles-in-the-dark-in-a-confusing-neighborhood-looking-for-an-address debacle. These hard-to-miss, modern LED numbers light up in the evening for 8 to 10 hours provided that they’ve received an ample amount of juice (aka sunlight) during the day. 
Mounting each weather-resistant, aluminum number is a breeze with no wiring required. I especially like that each individual number is backlit instead of illuminated from another, possibly power-guzzling source like a spotlight. Plus, they come with a one-year warranty. But at $16 per number, things may get a touch spendy if your address just happens to be 11879448562 Elm Street. 
Via [Re-Nest]
Photos: Think Geek 

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