Earlier today, I featured Rocco, the Energy Pal, the entry that received my vote in the design competition segment of next week’s Greener Gadgets Conference in NYC (I’ll be there ogling and taking notes and photos to share). I love the ridable-toy-that-generates-clean-energy concept behind Rocco but I do realize it’s an eco-educational tool/hyperactivity outlet geared for kids (and kids at heart).


Here’s another one of my favorite entrants in the GG Design Competition with more appeal to adults, particularly home audio fiends and the car-obsessed. I can’t say that I’m either one of those myself but I think the Automan 500 Subwoofer from Ontario’s Bon ECO is really nifty.


Scroll down for images and a complete run-down of what exactly the Automan 500 Subwoofer is. Print too small to read? Here’s the design in a nutshell: It’s a handmade speaker cabinet/footstool/side table/ottoman (get it?) made from recycled stock car tires and other recycled/sustainable materials.


As an example of eco-friendly, “décor sensitive” home electronics equipment, I think the Automan 500 can serve as the ideal compromise in households where spouses are at odds over his obsession with bangin’ and boomin’ but aesthetically unappealing audio gear and her need to keep things looking more like a home and less like a Radio Shack storeroom. What do you think? 
Images: Bon ECO

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Greener Gadgets '10: Automan 500 Subwoofer
Here's an entrant in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition that's sure to excite both eco home audiophiles <i>and</i> autogeeks: The Automann 500 Subwoofer.