When it comes to effectively getting a message across, sometimes all it takes a little toilet humor. Just ask environmental/humanitarian charities like WaterAid and SOS Mata Atlantica.

Now, Habitat for Humanity is the latest nonprofit to give bathroom-related guffaws a go. But Habitat, as part of the organization’s first agency-produced ad campaign, isn’t exactly resorting to toilet humor … more like, umm, humorous toilets.

To promote Habitat’s nationwide network of ReStore retail outposts where old/unwanted household fixtures and home improvement products can be donated and purchased in support of Habitat building efforts, ad agency Baldwin& created an animated advert in which a wistful commode — complete with “veritable diarrhea of the mouth” as noted by Adweek — named Jonathan attempts to chat up a toaster oven in the middle of a landfill. As you'll see, it doesn't go too well. 

It’s cute and all — I mean, who doesn’t love a talking toilet? — but as pointed out by TrendHunter, the ad has gotten mixed reviews because the “recycle your old household fixtures with ReStore instead of sending them the way of a landfill” message isn’t really made explicit in the toilet’s goofy monologue.

Watch for yourself. What do you think of the new Habitat ReStore commercial? Clever but muddled and in need of more explanation? Or do you get the message loud and clear? 

Via [TrendHunter]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Habitat for Humanity resorts to toilet humor
A new ad promoting Habitat for Humanity Restores features a talking toilet. But is the organization's message -- donate old household fixtures instead of junkin