Last week, it was dog bibs and wine goblets for schnauzers. This week, things in weird-pet-accessory-land get decidedly a bit weirder with Pet Chic Yarn, a North Carolina-based company that spins yarn out of dog or cat hair that you collect from around the house.

This pet fur recycling concept is indeed a bit off-kilter but also kind of genius. After a beloved pet passes, a memento like a favorite photograph of Fluffy placed in a special frame is common. But what about a throw blanket made from Fluffy?

Here’s how it works: gather and hoard groomed or shed pet hair or fur from around the house. You know … those giant tumbleweed-esque furballs that lurk under the couch and stick to your clothing. For $50, Pet Chic Yarn will start you off with a special pet hair collection handbook, gathering instructions and shipping labels. And the company doesn’t discriminate — they accept not only longhaired cat fur and fur from the fluffy undercoat of dogs but they'll work with hair from other house pets like bunnies as well. Once you’ve gathered an acceptable amount of hair, send it in and the company’s skilled spinners will transform it into a luxurious, angora-like fiber.

Once you receive the yarn, you can use it in any manner you like. Gloves, hats and other clothing accessories are obvious uses but homewares like throws, tea cozies, pillow covers and holiday ornaments are also a possibility. If you aren’t a skilled knitter, one of the talented members of the Critter Knitter Guild — an organization of knitters who specialize in working with pet yarn — may be able to whip up the creation of your liking.

To be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. I don’t own a critter and if I did, I’m not entirely sure if I’d be into hoarding pet pelage. However, for crafty folks with a houseful of longhaired kitties this is certainly a cheaper and more meaningful alternative to shopping at the Yarn Barn for supplies. 

Via [Los Angeles Times]

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Hair of the dog
Pet Yarn Chic creates beautiful yarn out of irksome household detritus: Fluffy or Fido's errant fur.