"Building code just doesn’t allow for buildings under 600 square feet and requires all sorts of permits for septic and electrical, even if you’re not interested in having those things, and we heard that if we were on wheels we could get away with anything we wanted." — Hank Butitta

Head on over to Hank Bought a Bus to follow University of Minnesota School of Architecture grad Butitta and his full-time co-pilot, photographer Justin Evidon, as they traverse the country on a 5,000-mile test drive/road trip in one of the more ingenious, tricked-out tiny home conversion projects that I've seen of late. It's amazing what $9,000 ($3,000 for the "impulsively" purchased, Craiglist-procured school bus and about double that in retrofitting costs), a ton of hard work (Butitta committed 15 weeks designing and constructing 225-square-feet of comfortable living space aboard the bus), and plenty of creative, unorthodox thinking can yield (the project is Butitta's Master's thesis defense).

Wherever she is, I'm guessing Ms. Valerie Frizzle would give Butitta an A++.

Via [Minnesota Public Radio], [Gizmodo]

Promo screenshot: Justin Evidon/YouTube

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Hank Butitta's magical school bus-to-tiny home tour [Video]
Follow architecture grad Hank Butitta as he traverses the country in one heck of a Craigslist find: A $3,000 school bus transformed into a mobile tiny home.