If you regularly read my blog — especially during the summer months — you might know that one of my favorite places in the world is Governors Island, a special, 172-acre getaway smack dab in the middle of Upper New York Harbor. I was last on G.I. back in September for a private event hosted by Timberland.

Although there’s been a ton of hubbub around the $220-million master plan to transform 40 non-historic, down-and-out acres of the island into a stunning eco-friendly park, there’s a smaller but no less fascinating project hoping to call the island home starting this summer. And it needs your help.

The Sustainable TreeHouse — dubbed an “exercise in sustainable design" — is the creation of Brooklyn-based designer Benjamin Jones. He's seeking backers via Kickstarter in hopes of raising $12,000 for the project by the end of February. If his goal is met, this eco-friendly interactive playground will call Governors Island home for the summer 2011 season (the island officially opens to the public at the end of May).

Here’s a bit more about the project via the Sustainable TreeHouse Kickstarter page:

The tree house and surrounding playground activities will be created entirely from reclaimed and sustainable materials. Sustainable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy will be used to power the interactive activities surrounding the tree house. The TreeHouse is one part playground, one part classroom. While encouraging the viewers to play and enacting nostalgia, the project is also meant to serve as an educational tool to teach about sustainability issues. The project brings together both kids and adults through hands-on activities and sets an example of how to use reclaimed materials both on a small and large scale level.
Sounds cool, eh? If you live in the NYC area and regularly visit Governors Island during the summer months or if you just like the sounds of an interactive playground that teaches folks of all ages about sustainability, consider donating. Various pledges will get you various perks including a ”member’s club card,” an invitation to a special picnic, or even having your name engraved into the TreeHouse walls. If the Sustainable TreeHouse meets its fundraising goals and becomes a reality, it will be just another reason for me to visit — and never want to leave ... seriously, I'd squat if it were more socially acceptable/legal — one of the Big Apple's most unique greenspaces. 

Via [Inhabitat]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Help a Sustainable TreeHouse grow on Governors Island
Designer Benjamin Jones wants to erect the Sustainable TreeHouse, an eco-friendly 'interactive playground' on New York City's Governors Island. But he needs you