For more green design/build goodness out of rural Vermont including a slew of on-campus demo projects (mouldering toilets! Earth ovens! Straw bale cabins! Yurts!) and a complete listing of academic offerings (two-day courses in compost-powered hot water or "Table Saw Trickery," anyone?) head on over to the Yestermorrow Design/Build School homepage. Celebrating its 33rd birthday this year, the nonprofit institution serves as (one of) the nation's only sustainability-minded design/build school. But seriously, it's like shop class-meets-summer camp but instead of a wooden doorstop or napkin holder that only your parents could love, the final project is a solar-powered cabin with a composting toilet.

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Tour the campus of Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont, an institution combining the 'best of yesterday and the technology of tomorrow.'