Last Valentines Day, I recommended seven sexy, sustainable bedding choices that can help you transform your bedroom into a "green light district" on the one day a year reserved for affection and old fashioned amore. Well, what do you know eco-conscious lovebirds, I have seven more guilt-free bedding recommendations for those who tend to dwell on groundwater pollution and genetic modification while rolling around in the sheets. 


Before getting to the good stuff, let’s talk pesticides for a moment. According to the Green Guide, it takes about 1.25 pounds of petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers to produce one queen-sized, conventional cotton sheet. Of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton crops, seven of them are considered “probable,” “known,” “possible” or “likely” human carcinogens by the EPA. Not very sexy, eh?  


Okay, I'll stop being a tease. It's time to get our organic cotton on'...


Gion Organic Bed Linens @ CB2 ($24.95 - $109)















Lucia Organic Bedding @ Gaiam ($58 - $419)















Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set @ West Elm ($29 - $199)















Big Leaf Organic Sheet Set @ PB Teen ($25- $99 - sale) 















Bean's Organic Cotton Sheet Set, Floral @ L.L. Bean ($99 - $159)















LOOP Organic Cotton Bed Linens @ LOOP ($36 - $230, various colors)











Coyuchi Organic Cotton Flannel Bed Linens (Charcoal) @ ABC Home ($14.40 - $172.80)



Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hitting the green sheets: '10 edition
Looking to avoid a date with pesticides this Valentine's Day? Outfit your boudoir with stylish sheets made from organic cotton.