On Monday, I blogged about the Archipod, a prefab “garden office” designed to give work-from-homers a very slight commute … a quick walk to the backyard. Now, here’s another tiny green structure, the Don Vardo, that’s ideal as a workspace or studio for those working not from home, but from the road. Or, it’s great for work-from-homers with large parcels of property who want to mix up their daily work locale.
The inaugural design/build project from Portland, Ore.-based tiny home construction company Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD), Don Vardo is a charming, petite (petite being the operative word) guest studio/home office built onto a 7x10-foot trailer in the event you want to cancel your afternoon Skype commitments, pull up anchor, and hit the open road.

Several green features are packed into the diminutive Don Vardo including radiant floor heating, a desk with an eco-friendly Paperstone top, cork flooring, reclaimed kitchen cabinetry, efficient double-hung windows, a LED rope light, and French doors made from reclaimed Douglas fir. In addition to a cozy kitchen nook, there’s also a couch that pulls out into a double bed but be aware, like the Archipod, there’s no bathroom facilities in Don Vardo.

On the market for a mini mobile hideout? PAD founders Katy Anderson and Dee Williams are selling Don Vardo for $22,000. 


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Home (office) on the road
Don't try to pin down Don Vardo, a petite workspace/guest studio with several green features ... it's capable of leaving when the open road beckons.