Without a doubt, investing in solar power is one of the more daunting eco home improvements out there — so many questions and not a ton of easily accessible answers, particularly when it comes to financing a home solar project. This is why the brains behind SunRun, a successful residential solar financing start-up founded in 2007 by Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster, are here to help.

Jurich and Fenster, former classmates at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (coincidentally, I was a middle and high school classmate of Jurich’s sister), have just a launched a new video series aimed at answering any and all lingering questions consumers might have about the ins and outs of home solar. The first video in the series (embedded below) was recorded and covers topics like financing, power purchase agreements and solar leases. Upcoming SunRun webinars will be filmed live with call-in questions from solar-curious homeowners.

To help manage the call-in questions, I’ve been asked by SunRun to help spread the word about the upcoming webinar and pass along an email, questions@sunrunhome.com, where you can submit your own questions. With a client list of more than 5,000 spread across California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Arizona and New Jersey, the gang at SunRun obviously know their stuff, so go ahead and write ‘em. And if you want, share your questions in the comments section below, too, to help start a dialogue on the topic. 


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Home solar, simplified
Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster of Bay Area residential solar financing company SunRun answer your questions about home solar in a new series of webinars.