Back in July, I posted the kick-off “webinar” from leading residential solar financing firm, SunRun, where founders Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster chat financing, power purchase agreements, and solar leases. Not the sexiest topics, I know, but given the bewilderment that many homeowners face when deciding to go with home solar, they're important ones. 
Now, two months and one Good Morning America appearance later, Jurich and Fenster have returned with a second video where they discuss how residential solar plays in an integral part in the creation of sustainable communities. Towards the end of the video, Jurich and Fenster also tackle two hot FAQs — submitted by yours truly — in the world of home solar: how to deal with potentially hindering homeowners associations and what exactly happens when excess power is created by a home solar system.
Jurich and Fenster will be back with future SunRun solar webinars where they'll answer viewer-generated questions. Got one? Go ahead and send it on over to

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Home solar, simplified: II
Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster of top residential solar financing company SunRun discuss sustainable solar communities and answer (my) solar-related queries in a ne