Ever think that the Hummer, General Motors' mercifully phased-out brand of gas-guzzling, road-hugging environmental nightmares, would receive some sort of redeeming afterlife?


Turns out, the boxy luxury vehicle with crap fuel economy favored by “morally superior” car owners has found some sort of redemption in the form of prefab of housing. That’s right — prefab housing. Using the sheet metal shells and various parts of decommissioned Hummers, Craig Hodgetts and HsinMing Fung of lauded Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm HplusF have created an eco-friendly, capsule-style prefab housing concept called, appropriately, the Hummer Home.


Hummer Home, conceived for the Prefab 20*20: Visions for 400 SF Homes design competition, is composed of eight activity-specific (sleeping, eating, lounging cooking, bathroom-ing, etc.) Hummer shell nooks wrapped around a central chamber. Needless to say, this upcycled auto body part abode boasts a wide array of eco-friendly bells and whistles including soy-based insulation, grey water recycling, rooftop solar panels, and geothermal heating and cooling.
HplusF’s vision for the standard Hummer Home can also be expanded or downsized for a variety of individual lifestyle needs. There's the Bachelor, a smaller Hummer Home for unattached guys and gals; the Rosette, a model for work-from-homers; the Co-Op, a model for communal living; the River Run, a vacation home-friendly model with floor-to-ceiling windows and a “ranch-style layout; and the Community Center, a hubbub of activity for entire communities of Hummer Homes.
Explain the designers:


Noting the demise of the nearly architectural Hummer led HplusF to inquire as to its dimensions and components.  Upon confirming that the Hummer sheet metal (termed a 'Body in White'), consisting of primary sheet metal components assembled into a body shell, was of a structural quality which could be adapted to a capsule type dwelling, HplusF created the ‘Hummer Home.’  Consisting of eight identical Hummer body shells supported by a prefabricated steel armature, the space is utilized in the manner of an industrially produced object, with 12 volt electrical systems, OEM refrigeration, heating, and media components, and ingenious use of the nooks and crannies generated by the pressed steel enclosures.  Optional geothermal storage tanks, photo-voltaic cells, and soy insulation will complete a sustainable project which has, at its core, the recycling of an automobile plant and the resuscitation of its supply chain.
Fascinating stuff although the renderings appear a touch too “Transformers” for my tastes. What do you think? Do you think the Hummer Home could be a feasible form of modular housing a la shipping container dwelling or is better off as cheeky social commentary?
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Home sweet hummer
Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm HplusF unleashes the Hummer Home, a prefab housing concept that makes good, green use out of GM's discontinued li