So here’s a Japanese home that might not be the most eco-friendly abode on the block — although it features abundant natural daylighting and, I’m guessing, some green tech bells and whistles given that it's a new build in efficiency-obsessed Japan — but it’s just too fun to pass up: House With Slide from Yokohama-based firm Level Architects.

As you can see, this minimalist, three-story manse boasts boring old stairs along with a giant interior slide that's more akin to a water slide than to any piece of playground equipment I've ever seen. And let us not forget the home's ball pit room/"light courtyard."

I’m not the biggest fan of the home’s super-stark interior (where did all of the furniture go?) or the drab, unattractive exterior but with a slide like that, who cares? I’m guessing House With Slide’s pint-sized residents must be the most popular (or most teased ... you never know) kids on the block. And the home is also sure to be a hit with neighborhood parents looking for a space to hold their kids’ birthday parties. Now all the owners of House with Slide need to do is borrow Celine Dion's backyard. Or team up with the folks who live in House of Stairs, also in Japan.

Here’s more from Designboom:

Yokohama-based atelier Level Architects has completed 'House With Slide', a three-storey family residence that features a continuous circulation route that utilizes both stairs and the playground equipment. Circumscribing the volume of the house, the playful layout places the living spaces at the core of the house with a number of access points along the course.

Since the circulation is placed at the outer edge of the design, the interior is largely lit using vertical openings in the roof. S centrally-placed courtyard with sliding glass doors illuminate the living room with natural daylight while creating a small play area for the children of the house. Rounded corners of the layout encourages the light to wash around edges to further light the space.

Via [Designboom]

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House with Slide: Stairs ... who needs 'em?
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